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ICA provide a number of services that assist our members with technical operations, marketing and communications, as well as complying with government regulations. ICAA Services Pty Ltd, My Cinema including Premiere,  Select and  Charity screenings plus the ICAA Network Operations Centre enable independent cinemas to more effectively and efficiently run their businesses.


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ICA Services:

  • My Cinema Marketing Platform – My Cinema, My Cinema Premiere, My Cinema Select and My Cinema Charity provide marketing promotions and special events respectively that bring ICA member exhibitors together in a national umbrella circuit featuring a national brand identity and partnership opportunities.

  • ICAA NOC – The ICAA Services Network Operations Centre supports exhibitors converting to, operating and maintaining DCI compliant digital projection systems. The ICAA NOC provides you and your cinema with a dedicated technical support team 24/7 with ‘live’ connection to your digital projection systems. Now more affordable than ever, the NOC is a must have service for independent cinemas.

  • HR & Legal Advice - ICA in partnership with our industrial relations partners Holding Redlich provides to members a Free Online Help Desk, and template employment contracts and policies including a Work Health & Safety Manual. By implementing the ICA Work Health & Safety Manual in your business you will be taking a significant step in discharging your personal duty of care under Work Health and Safety legislation.

  • Film Code of Conduct – Downloadable version of the Film Exhibition and Distribution Code of Conduct. The Code provides a framework for business relations between exhibitors and distributors. ICA assists represent our members in FEDCAC administration and individual disputes.

  • Film Classification – Information on the Australian Classification Boards laws and regulations which govern the playing of films, the playing of trailers, the display of film advertising materials, the types of classification information that must be displayed, the age at which patrons may be admitted to public screenings of films and the type of films that can be shown in public screenings. ICA lobbies Government on film classification issues affecting independent exhibitors.

  • Box Office Top 10 – Direct Link to the Motion Picture Distributors Association of Australia (MPDAA) latest Box Office figures

  • Mark Sarfaty Memorial Fund – Information on the Mark Sarfaty Cinema and Performing Arts Benevolent Fund, in memory of our friend and former ICA CEO, Mark Sarfaty

  • Motion Picture Benevolent Fund – Details of the Motion Picture Industry Benevolent Society of New South Wales which provides financial and emotional support to past and present members of the Motion Picture Cinema Industry through the Benevolent Fund.

  • Cinema Pioneers Association – Information on how to become a member of the Society Of Australian Cinema Pioneers 

  • ICAA Services – ICAA Services Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of ICAA that aims to assist our members with a smooth transition to digital


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