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To enable the smooth transition to digital for all its members ICA has established a wholly owned subsidiary - ICAA Services Pty Ltd.

ICAA Services role is to:
•    Co-ordinate the transition of analogue cinema screens to full digital;
•    Identify an integrator to negotiate Virtual Print Fee arrangements with film distributors and manage payments under a VPF Scheme;
•    Identify accredited service providers (approved by the integrator and distributors) to survey sites, recommend appropriate fit-out, and install, service and maintain DCI certified digital equipment;
•    Source competitive project pricing for certified digital equipment, software and data connection services;
•    Provide quote vetting and guidance on the deployment process, and
•    Provide technical and IT support services through the establishment and operation of a not for profit Network Operations Centre.


Secure the Digital Future of Your Cinema – join the ICAA Services Network Operations Centre.

Remote monitoring of all your digital equipment is cost effective and dramatically reduces the need for on-site visits from third party service providers.

Joining the ICAA NOC provides you and your cinema with a dedicated technical support team who are monitoring every piece of your digital projection equipment and are only a phone call away – 24/7.

The ICAA NOC supports exhibitors convert to digital and protects your investment in technology and infrastructure. It will not do onsite service calls but will substantially reduce the need for call outs under your onsite service agreements.  All software upgrades will be handled remotely from the NOC to your cinema at no extra charge.  Where appropriate, the NOC Operator will talk your staff through how to resolve problems onsite immediately and give impartial advice on whether and when an accredited service provider is required.  The NOC will even manage the call out of your preferred accredited service provider and urgently source another if they are not available within the timeframe required by Studios to keep your VPF eligibility.

The ICAA NOC is supported by Christie Digital Services

For prices and information about joining the ICAA NOC call Stephen Davis, Global NOC Operations on 1300247529.

ICAA NOC Connection and Technical Issues

Stephen Davis
Global NOC Operations.
M: +61 (0)466 962447 
F: +612 8569 0119
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tech Hotline Within Australia: 1300 306 857

Tech Hotline From New Zealand: 09 887 1029