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ICA has commissioned Holding Redlich to prepare sample employment contracts and HR documents to assist you manage the staff and any human resource issues at your cinema. These template documents are in word format and can be easily adapted to suit your specific workplace situation.


You can also contact Holding Redlich on the free ICA Online Help Desk if you have any questions about how to use these documents in your business.


The documents have been lodged on a separate website CLICK HERE with confidential access to cinema owner members and approved managers. For your members log in please email Pauline at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Employment Document Contents 

An index of the resources available to ICA members in this Guide is listed below for your information.


Performance management process and termination

  • 1 P01 Request to attend performance meeting

  • 2 P02 Formal warning letter for poor performance

  • 3 P03 Letter of termination for poor performance

Serious misconduct investigation and termination

  • 1 SM01 Formal letter regarding investigation into serious misconduct

  • 2 SM02 Letter of termination for serious misconduct


  • OL01 Confidential Outline of initial at risk meeting for redundancy

  • OL02 Confidential Outline of termination meeting – redundancy termination

  • 1 R01 At risk letter of redundancy

  • 2 R02 Letter of termination of employment for redundancy

  • 3 R03 Without prejudice – redundancy

  • 4 R04 Deed of release 

Termination of employment Casual employee

  • 1 C01 Letter of termination for casual employee

Managing Absence due to illness and termination

  • 1 A01 Letter to employee requesting evidence of absence from work

  • 2 A02 Letter to employee currently absent from work

  • 3 A03 Letter to employee’s doctor requesting medical assessment

Contracts of employment

  • EC01 Full-time Employment Contract

  • EC02 Part-time Employment Contract

  • EC03 Casual Employment Contract

  • EC04 Senior Management/Head Office Employment Contract

Contractor agreements

  • CA01 Independent Contractor Agreement (Sole Trader)

  • CA02 Contractor Agreement (Company Contractor)


  • A001 Drug & alcohol policy

  • AO02 Respect in the workplace: anti-discrimination and harassment policy (short version)

  • AO03 Respect in the workplace: anti-discrimination and harassment policy (long version)

  • AO04 IT usage and social media policy

  • AO05 Workplace surveillance policy

  • AO06 Disciplinary policy


  • CEM ICA Casual Employee Management Guidelines


  • TE01 Explanation of terms used in the employment contracts


  • CL01 BREA Classifications - Cinemas